Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Traffic School

I got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago and the very cutting edge city of Lehi has an online program for traffic school. I'm taking it right now and it is driving me nuts.


  • The pictures above are ones that I have been copying and pasting as I go. I have never seen ANY of these signs, but I hope to and apparently they are ones that we as drivers should be looking out for.

  • There is a maximum and minimum time for each page of reading. I read a tad faster than the average Lehi speedster and find myself staring at the screen and waiting for the "Continue" button to appear.

  • I had to take one of the quizzes four times because I kept getting the answer wrong.

Select the correct answer.

Adds to the happy, friendly feeling other motorists will have for you.
Exponentially increases your chances of causing an accident.
Is stupid.
Will take several minutes off your travel time.
None of the above

Correct answer, no joke: Tailgating is stupid. I should really pay more attention the reading if I want to come out a more cautious driver.

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Anonymous said...

oooh zacharoo. haha this is too great. All i did in safety ed sophomore year was play spoons, blackjack, and went to get my teacher's lunch at elmer's tacos....i missed out on those signs...especially the hoolahooper. yikes! haha your blogs are so entertaining. go to