Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ever seen the movie Pure Luck?

Sorry guys, my blog has been pretty lame lately. I've been insanely busy. I've been hit by a car, drive by egged, had the hood of my car flip up on the freeway and pretty much every other outrageous thing that you can think of. I got a new phone and I just barely learned how to use it. The offices of Dukepoo and Associates can now return your calls and text again.
The other day I left work at lunch because I thought I was going to die or pass out or have a seizure. So instead of doing something dramatic, like projectile vomiting on my computer, I decided to go home early. All I wanted was to be home in bed. But the universe had other plans for me.

Malibu Sue decided to over-heat on the freeway. She has been in critical condition after a nasty car wreck last month and her internal organs couldn't take it any longer. After a tow truck ride, waiting around at mechanic shop, and trying to stretch $3 at the Asian supermarket I received the news. Malibu Sue is dead. Her ashes will be scattered across the Pacific in a ceremony celebrating her life and bravery. Farewell sweet princess!

So sometime soon I am going to be sporting around a new ride, well an old ride. A blast from the past. No, not the Ferrari. I'm gonna be driving the Insurance Bug. So come one come all, step up to the line. I am no longer a homeless gypsy. Hotel California is almost set up for visitors. If you're lucky, I'll even take you on a ride down the coast in the Bug.

(I don't know why it is purple. It is actually still a red car.)