Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sweet Jeezis!

Marcy is going wild and transforming her house into the North Pole. This year a new nativity scene is making it's debut and there is someone very special I would like all of you to meet. Big Baby Jesus. I didn't know that he slept in the manger until he was 23. Other things you may not have known: the manger scene guest list included an armadillo, giant grasshopper, and a killer rooster.


Anonymous said...

oh i'm in love with this set. haha . do you know how many dang back alley places in mexico we had to travel to find giant baby jesus? and how much espanol i had to speak. those mexicanos must like us fair skinned blue eyed and blonde women. have you seen the ones made out of nasty paper mache'??? i'll send you pics of those.

Chelsea said...

I have missed this sweet Big Boy since his debut when your madre purchased him. I love it! I am still cry laughing because it is the ultimate nativity!! Long live Mexico!!