Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mr. Greening

In general, I really liked school but at Forbes Elementary Mr. Greening made me want to go run the nurse's office and fake sick. He was always screaming, always mad, always red in the face. So I was pleased to hear that he had passed away. I hope he applied sunscreen because it is going to be hot on the other side.
I never understood why he got so angry the time my friend and I drew marker mustaches on ourselves. The rest of the class was laughing. I remember his wobbly old green office chair that he would lean so far back in that it would nearly touch the ground. Everyday I would pray that it would fall over so he would crack his head open. He was also a racist. As a social studies teacher, probably not the best quality. He freely used the N word in class. This was in the 1990's, not the 1890's. One day one of my black friends was so upset, he faked sick and went home so he didn't have to hear it anymore. I think that is why I hate him most.
He was also a liar. He said he was born on February 29 of a leap year, which is why I always thought he was so bitter. So few birthday parties and he had a twin that he had to share these vary rare celebrations with. Not true, according to his obituary. However, I do particularly love this part of Mr. Greening's online obituary, "He loved ass sports, campint, fishing, huntine, but he especially loved golf." Yes, in Utah County we pronounce huntine (hunting) and moun'un (mountain) but ass sports?


gurrbonzo said...


get it?

Chelsea said...

I put a picture on my blog today that has you in it! You look like a rock star! :)
Sorry about your teacher....maybe?! I would LOVE to see a picture of you and the mustache!!