Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daft Punk

Why didn't I think of THIS? And why aren't they my friends?


Amanda Jane said...

I soooo would have messed that up.

Annika Louisiana said...

yes zach why aren't they your friends! that is a MUST you need to meet them and ASAP!

gurrbonzo said...

How do you know they AREN'T your friends? You can't see their faces.

Chelsea said...

You are friends with them.. Secerts was me and Jillie. :) Because yes...I look that good these days! :) And I got moves that good too! The joke about my 87 year old bones is all a big joke!
Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...'s been over a month since your last post.

I need some humor! Blog, dammit!