Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Public Service Announcement

I have something to share with all y'all. It is a trick that I use all the time, but I often neglect to share this secret with others.

Google text. Does everyone know about this? Because you should. You can get everything from restaurant locations to movie times to definitions of words that you don't understand.

For restaurants, businesses, etc.
Text: restaurant. city, state
restaurant. zip code
then send to GOOGL (46645)
Magically you get the address and phone number texted back to you.

For definitions of words you may not know
Text: D. floozie
D. mystery word
send to GOOGL (46645)
Bling-a-ling! You have a text. It says:
floozie: streetwalker: a prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets

Genius right? You should use it, the reasons are five-fold.

1) It is a cinch.
2) It is free. (Just your standard text messaging rate, but I think most people have unlimited now).
3) It is super fast. Usually under 2 seconds wait time.
4) You will have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips at all times.
5) It is the technological equivalent of an ancient-Chinese-cure-all-remedy.


Anonymous said...

thankyou!!! i used this yesterday...no joke . it's made my life even better, and for that, i sincerely thank you. love you zachapoo

Anonymous said...

zach, I texted you the other day? Did you get it? It was really not text worthy to text back...just wondering if I did write down your number right! Peace out...ps I love your blogs!

Amanda Jane said...

I love Google.

Granny Granny said...

Zach I also texted you the other day. I wanted to know if you wanted to hit up Rite-Aid with me sometime this weekend?

Chelsea said...

We use sitemeter on our blog and I am tired of the creepy strangers who are lurking. We are going private today. Email me your email address at paceblog@aol.com to join our private party!! This email address is JUST for getting your address, not as my new email. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Chelsea said...

Not that I am counting but it's almost been a FULL month since you posted. I am the blog natzi so step up soldier and POST! :) Hope you are doing good!!!! Love ya!

Amanda Jane said...


whitney said...

You can also text google and get Jazz scores! Yea for the Jazz! Yea for google!